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Recommended Filter Change Procedures  
Pureatech System ULTRA-PLUS Filters

  •   Change the Off White Stage 1 ULTRA-PLUS Particulate Filter every 60 - 90 Days
  •   Change the Black Stage 3 ULTRA-PLUS Gas Phase Filter every 60 - 120 Days
  •   Change the Stage 2 UVC Lamp every 12 Months.
  1. Turn the power off to your furnace or air handler
  2. Turn power off to the Pureatech System (if red toggle switch is still lit.)
  3. Unlock the door by turning both black knobs and then remove the door by pulling it toward you from the top knob.  If you have a key lock system, then insert the key and turn it to unlock, then pull the door toward you from the lock area. 
  4. Remove the Stage 1 White Particulate Filter and replace it with a new one, making sure that the arrows are pointing with the air flow toward the furnace or air handler.
  5. Remove and replace the Stage 3 Black Gas Phase Filter, again making sure that the arrows are pointing with the air flow toward the furnace or air handler.
  6. Record on the chart or on the newly inserted filter frame, a calendar, a card or somewhere you won’t misplace the date of each Filter Change.  Make sure to change the filters regularly for maximum benefit.
Failure to change filters may cause damage to your HVAC system.

Note that when handling the UVC Lamp; remember not to touch the glass portion of the bulb wand with your bare hands.  We recommend latex or rubber gloves.  Also, be careful not to expose yourself to the UV Light while it is illuminated, or to break the bulb.

  1. Optional: Use care when cleaning your UVC Germicidal Lamp with an alcohol pre-moistened wipe or soft cloth saturated in isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Replace the door and lock it.  If key lock, DO NOT leave the key in the lock.
  3. Power on the Pureatech System.
  4. Power on the furnace or air handler.

Annual UV Lamp Replacement:

Change the UV Lamp every 12 months (it may continue to illuminate after 12 months, but it does not maintain its germicidal impact beyond 12 months):

  1. Remove the old UV Lamp by carefully pressing the spring-loaded red button on the light connector while simultaneously sliding the bulb from its socket.  There are 4 prongs at the base of the UV Lamp.  Carefully slide the other end with the metal clip off of the spike inside the back of the unit.  Do not lose the metal clip.   
  2. Without touching the glass portion of the new bulb, remove it from the box and insert it into the system by putting the metal clip on opposite the 4 pronged end of the bulb and slide the eyelet onto the metal spike inside the back of the unit.  Then carefully slide the 4 prongs into the socket until they snap and are secure.
  3. To finish, repeat steps 8-10 above.