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Large Size Pureatech (All Performance Value-2 Filter) 4 Pack

Price: $174.00

Item Number: PL-APV2-04
NEWEST ALL PERFORMANCE VALUE-2 FILTER Large Size (19.5 x 24) Pureatech System Economy Filter Pack. 

Includes: 4 - ALL PERFORMANCE combination Particulate & Gas Phase Filters in one. 

Note Filters include Proprietary Medias that can be used with or without the UVC Germicidal Bulb. 

Effectively Captures Particulate Matter...Inhibits Microbials...Removes Toxins, Gasses, Chemicals & Odors (Converts Ozone / Smog into Oxygen)...with ONE ALL PERFORMANCE FILTER. 

Recommend: Use Two* Filters & Change the combination Filter(s) at least every 90 days. 
*Two filters maximizes the performance. Especially recommended when dust, allergens and smog levels are elevated.

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