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Filters for Life supplies OEM and replacement air filters for virtually all applications - Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Clean Rooms and more.

Filters for Life designed and engineered the OEM Pureatech System Filters, and remains committed to quality, service, continuous improvement and emerging technologies to help our customers protect what matters most.

Thus we continue to improve the performance and value of the Genuine Pureatech System Filters now offering the newest ALL PERFORMANCE VALUE-3 Filters providing greater longevity, energy efficiency and performance! Also introducing the FSF-360 SMART FILTER ... See more below...

APV-3 Genuine Pureatech System Filters are engineered and designed specifically for the Pureatech System. They ensure maximum performance of your system!

Improved Performance and Greater Value... 

Features include:

  • Proper Sizing for Specific Fit
  • Maximum Surface Area & Air Flow
  • Proprietary Multi-Media (Patent Pending)
  • ISO Certified Quality
  • Individually Packaged Filters
  • Improved Performance 
  • Energy Efficiency (over 50% more efficient then so called Replacement Filters)

Newest Generation APV-3 Energy Efficient Pureatech Filters & Upgrades are available for both Pureatech System sizes:

Large Size Filter 19.5" x 24" x 2"
Regular Size Filter 19.5" x 18.75" x 1.75"

Also check out the FSF-360 SMART FILTER UPGRADE combining the Pureatech 2 filter system into 1 SMART PAD. Better performance at less cost!

The FSF-360 Smart Filter offers the absolute best in clean air performance value!
The FSF-360 Smart Filter features Advanced Technology by creating a magnetic field where airborne particles turn into tiny magnets that attract each other and form particle clusters. These clusters are attracted to the magnetized Smart Pad effectively capturing all size and type airborne contaminants. MERV 14 Performance along with Energy Efficiency.